The Role of Education in Making a Good Society

The Role of Education in Making a Good Society

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Educative people are said to be the makers of good society. Therefore, when the number of educative people increase in a society there is a big revolution in the society and the social environment changes completely. Education plays a very important role in the development of a good society in the world. Educative people tend to pass the good kind of rituals, term and conditions, traditions and values to other people. So, penetrating deep into the society education changes the people internally and bring the good outside. It is important to understand about what to teach a society and what does people learn. There are both good and bad kinds of learning in the world. It is nature of a man to attract toward the bad. So, we need to bring good learning attractively before the people.

This will attract people more towards the good deeds, good relationships, good learning and good behavior. Education brings the awareness among people. It brings the light required by the souls to see the world from the eyes of a pious person rather than the devil’s vision. Education should be the priority of every person in order to perceive an educative society. A society needs leaders to bring forth the steps necessary for cleaning the bad things. It need someone who can lead the people by hand towards the right path where there is no devil to make them fool or attract them towards bad deeds.

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