Some Parts of a  Successful Popular Blog

Some Parts of a Successful Popular Blog

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Thinking about starting a successful popular blog, but are not sure what parts a blog should contain? This article’s aim is to tell you what an average blog’s components generally are.

The background of blogs is often white. Blogs need to contain three vital sections:

The Header

Headers often contain an image which has the name of the particular blog. After this a tag line will appear which will have a slogan that tells what the blog’s purpose is. Often, the blog’s name as well as tag line tend to be shown as text, stylized, instead of like an image. The benefit of this is that it can make the loading time quicker of your precise blog. It can give marginal search engine benefits.

Navigation menus are also present. This can include a ‘Home’ menu. The menus increase as the number posts increase to encompass links to various stages of blogging.

Content Area

The content is shown here. Posts tend to be summarized. Designers can form impressive layouts. Extracts can be displayed in several ways, like varying image sizes.

The Footer

The footer often displays copyright, basic information precisely about the particular site as well as ownership.

Some footers tend to be extremely elaborate as this lets the visitors continue clicking so as to see content present on other areas of the site.

You can also have a sidebar which will contain widgets. This can improve site navigation as well as put enhancements to the particular blog.

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