Health Issues Regarding Water

Health Issues Regarding Water

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Water is the most necessary thing of a man’s life. We will die of thirst if there is no water. Water is also important to keep ourselves healthy. If we drink less quantity of water then dehydration may occur which is death causing issue. So, we must always drink plenty of water in the day. But the real issue is the purification of water. We never know what kind of germs and illness the water contains that we are drinking. There are a lot many issues that happen only because of the dirty water. In the underdeveloped countries dirty water is the main cause of death. Mortality rate is gradually increasing in these countries because of the illness caused by the germs in drinking water.

Drinking water cannot only be unhealthy if it merely contains some grains of sand but there is a lot to destroy the human health. There are germs of very dangerous diseases. Water is the most of the time filthy can contains the water from the sewerage pipes. This turns out to be very dangerous for people. Water is the main source of spreading diseases like hepatitis, typhoid and others. Even the water sold as mineral water contains different kinds of germ and filthy products. Third world countries have the disease of polio owing to the dirty water. There are always the germs of such kinds of diseases in water which pass from one place to other causing the majority of people to get ill.

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