Get Deleted or Lost Posts Back of Your Blog or Website

Get Deleted or Lost Posts Back of Your Blog or Website

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This is Our Important Topic About Get Deleted or Lost Posts Back of Your Blog or Website. Some time issues created in your website hosting companies you may get in trouble. Why! because these is same computer lays in the region that have our data. The speed and specs of these server may change but some time due to weather, electricity and other Technical issues there can be some troubles. I have also face some issues from my hosting and mostly create issues by me. I was help out by Hosting provider and all the issue was resolved and data was back. But my latest 9 post that I made in 4 days were not these. So I researched and find the issue that I am sharing with you. So here we will see how We can Restore accidentally any deleted or post removed when hosting change with this free manual trick without using any peny.

Why You Should Get the Posts Back?

When you publish a post, most of the time, that gets indexed in Google quickly (at least for established websites with good crawl rate). And the newly published post/article starts getting ranking in Google. And as soon as that article/post disappears from your blog, it gives a beautiful 404 error page which annoys Google. And it’s not good for a better user experience as well as long term SEO.

There is a static and permanent URL for each of your article/post. Search engines send traffic to that specific URL, and that should always be up and running. in case you lose a post, that URL will generate a default 404 error page. To avoid this, you need to get the post back and link it to the same URL.

How to Recover the Posts?

Now the tricky part is that how to recover any deleted or lost post. You can simply do it by first identifying the link/URL of that post/posts. And you can do it by going to your Social Profiles/Pages where you have shared those URLs/Links when it was first published. Just get the link from there, and the rest of the job is easy.

After the URL is known, and it’s already in your hand, use the following tools to recover your articles and re-publish it on your site/blog with the same URL as before, so that search engines can still send visitors to that article.

Practical Steps

  • Go to
  • Paste the URL there
  • You’ll find pages which has stored
  • if you didn’t find the missing page there then
  • Use
  • Just paste the URL in
  • and you’ll find the post/article
  • Copy that and paste into your site
  • All done… is a global directory for storing websites and pages. you should first check your lost page/post there, if you didn’t find it there then use which will most likely have your deleted post/article ready to be recovered, as it takes data directly from Google Cache. Google Cache is another place where every web page is get indexed separately. And I hope, you’ll get your lost pages/posts back very soon after using the above simple tools.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section below. I always try to respond to questions which are helpful for other readers. Happy Blogging.

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