Fast Food Addiction: Will it Lead to Death

Fast Food Addiction: Will it Lead to Death

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Humans can only lead healthy lives by taking care of their diets and exercising regularly. The kids and youth of 21st century are living the lives of fast food. If you take a look at the dietary plan of an ordinary seven year old child, you would be totally amazed at the amount of fast food that he consumes during a week. Fast food is giving quite tough time to the digestive tracts of all the fast food eaters. With very little nutrition and high level of calories, fast food is found to be main cause for many dangerous diseases.

Fast food: a main cause for weight gain

If you are still not convinced that fast food is destroying thousands of lives every year then let us take a look at the side effects caused by the regular use of fast food. Fast food provides a rapid increase in the weight due to high level of Trans fats. Don’t be afraid after hearing the name “Trans fats” as these are different from the common types of fat that are available in our daily diet. Trans fats are bad fats and are available in almost all of the fast food items. These fats not only increase our weight but also provide blockage to our arteries.

Fast food and asthma

Fast food also increases respiratory disorders as it increases the level of weight. Weight increase is very dangerous for asthma patients and increases the breathing complications for these patients.

If you have asthma and you are addicted to fast food then we would suggest you to get rid of this addiction immediately, otherwise you could also risk losing your life due to this addiction.

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