This is True That Education in Third World Countries

This is True That Education in Third World Countries

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Education n third world countries need the attention from those who are the forerunner of education nowadays in the world. When we see the research papers and articles over the condition of education and schools in most of the third world countries we are left shocked. There is literacy rate less than 30 percent in some of the countries whereas we see the children indulged in child labor rather than going to school and getting educated. Poverty lack of wealthy belongings and pore comic conditions of the state are the main reasons behind the lack of education in these countries. Although we see most of the third world countries trying hard to improve their educational condition but their literacy rate is too low to be considered according to the international educational criteria.

We see women mostly uneducated whereas men do go to school and colleges but mostly leave the schools in order to go illegally to other states or for any other purposes. Children spent most of their childhood playing nude at streets and when they get a little mature they are sent for earning money at different places. This present a very horrible condition about education however many international and local based organizations are working hard in third world countries to improve the conditions up to some considerable level. High amount donations from other countries are also sent to these states for making the education condition for people modern, convenient and easy to acquire.

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