Best Comparison Between Social Media and SEO

Best Comparison Between Social Media and SEO

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It has been a matter of contestation for a long time that why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stills beats Social Media. But before apprehensibility it is important to explore the question. It can be contented that in an ideal status quo both of them can or will work in alignment with one another which will lead to a great amount of traffic to your sites or blogs. But practically there is a dire need to understand difference between the two in order to understand why SEO still beats the Social Media.

Difference between SEO and Social Media

SEO basically is a process that allows your web site to appear on the search engine in short it is a way to manipulate you web property in order to make it friendly to search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. While on the other hands Social Media’s like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Orkut are just medium to drag traffic on you website.

What users demands from the two.

* It is considered that the process of effective marketing commence with the knowledge of how customers find you on the web.

* In this situation users think that Social Media can grab the amount of marketing required to gain popularity or to enhance business. However you can be wrong in this.

* According to the research made in 2012 SEO has been still rated as the best and the favorite search tool like it has always been.

* It is mainly because people change their centre of interest and Social media’s are not always catchy when it comes to change while on the other hand SEO is a king that has been ruling the territory of search engines from decades.

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